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Wedding Etiquette - Etiquette Rules for Wedding Gift, Invitations, and Guests

“You don’t want to become intoxicated and make a fool out of yourself by falling on the dance floor or falling asleep at your plate,” Whitmore adds. “That’s a big one.” 4 Do I send a gift if I can’t make the wedding? Weddings still carry the obligation of a gift even if you send your regrets—and unlike what you might've heard, the couple should receive their presents within three months after they’ve tied the knot. “Some folks feel like, ‘I didn’t go to the wedding...what do you mean I have to send them a blender?’” Post says. “We often say that sending some kind of small commemorative gift is really nice: an ornament with the wedding date on it, or a picture frame with their initials engraved on it. Something simple." 5 Can I give cash or go off registry? What if it's a second or third marriage? Cash is always fine, and so is going off the registry. Wedding gift etiquette says it’s totally up to you.

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